Cissell Commercial Laundry Equipment - Coin Drying Tumblers, On Premises Washer Extractors and Turnout Gear Drying Cabinets
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Cissell Commercial Laundry Equipment

Cissell is committed to offering customers exceptional choices in commercial laundry equipment. Our user-friendly washer extractors, commercial dryers and Turnout Gear Drying Cabinets are built with durable materials and components to give you years of reliable performance.

Managers of on premises laundries in a variety of industries choose Cissell commercial washers and dryers to deliver cost saving efficiency and top quality results. Our programmable controls, durable designs and wide range of capacities ensure exceptional choices for managers.

For the fire industry, our programmable washer extractors and Turnout Gear Drying Cabinet are an exceptional team to safely clean and dry PPE, getting it back in service fast.

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